Brief History:

founded as a Spanish pueblo in 1867 but reorganized later into a bigger area in December 1878 during the administration of General Domingo
Moriones y Murillo as Spanish Governor of the Philippines.

The town became well known and important because of its two institutions-the Philippine Air Force’s Basa Air Base which is stationed here and the Pampanga famed Sugar Mills (now inoperational).

Known for the abundance of white flowers (florida blanca) the town used to be the sugar capital of Pampanga, its sugar mill was the focus of thousands of sugar cane planters in the province and nearby areas where they bring there sugar cane for milling.

Spanish haciendas used to abound in the community. In the mid-30′s when American personnel ran the management of the sugar mill, the U.S. No. 1 sports-baseball, was introduced to the town which up to now produce the best softball / baseball players in the province. The local teams had fought in international competitions and championships.

Aside from the white flower (florida blanca) the place at certain times is a bloomed with wild flowers including “palat” and “pandacaqui”. At the Basa Air Base, the famed Blue Diamond team of PAF ace pilots are trained and headquartered.

The town used to be site of a gold mining company and on its riverbanks are believed embedded with ore and silver tailings.


Total Population: 85,394
Household Population: 85,239
Number of Households: 16,591


Floridablanca spans across twenty three miles

Barangays (33)

Anon, Apalit, Basa Air Base, Benedicto, Bodega, Cabangcalan, Calantas, Carmencita, Consuelo, Dampe, Del Carmen, Fortuna, Gutad, Mabical, Malabo, Maligaya, Mawacat, Nabuclod, Pabanlag, Paguiruan, Palmayo, Pandaguirig, Poblacion, San Antonio, San Isidro, San Jose, San Nicolas, San Pedro, San Ramon, San Roque, Santa Monica, Solib, Valdez

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